Thursday, March 21, 2013

T Minus 8 Hours!

The terrascope trip leaves from MIT in exactly 8 hours, so of course I'm still up packing and finishing up work before spring break.  I am so excited to learn about geology and mining in an even more hands on way than the terrascope project was in the fall. As terrascope students, we've come so far since the first week of school where we barely knew the definition of a rare earth element!

Here is a simple google maps image of our trip itinerary.  If you click on the image for a larger view, you can see we are flying into Las Vegas McCarran Airport and spending the week traveling around southern California, Utah, and Nevada.

Since the trip includes a bit of time hiking and viewing mines, there are some pretty key items we've been asked to bring.  Visible in my suitcase, there are some hiking boots, gloves for searching for precious gems in pegmatite ore, some special Passover food (since it will be the first time I've celebrated Passover away from my family), a camera charger to get tons of pictures, and of course some MIT swag to represent the 'tute.

Stay tuned for more live updates!

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