Sunday, March 24, 2013


I woke up around 7, took a quick shower and met my fellow adventurers at the breakfast buffet of the resort where we were staying in the middle of Death Valley. Some of the group had gotten up early and gone romping around in the desert as the sun rose over the mountains, but unfortunately I could not be stirred at 6:15. We ate quickly, packed up our possessions (we are quickly becoming skilled in the nomadic art of sleeping every night in a different place and packing up without a trace the next day) and headed to the all-too-familiar vans. Throughout the day we visited a lot of incredible geological locations. Most have already been very accurately described by Rin, so I'll try to give a different spin on today by listing all of the songs that popped into my head, accompanied by the mind-blowing view that inspired it:

...that one inspired Home on the Range (which I hummed to myself for approximately 30 minutes)

...doesn't this remind you of That one song from Lord of the Rings?

Okay, last one:

... understandably brought Free Fallin to mind.

When my head wasn't filled song, I was busy asking "Is that an alluvial fan? about that one?" and seeking out shade where I could. Anna Walsh knows how to appreciate a good shade:

We all discovered the tragic paradox of Death Valley hydration: needing to drink a lot of water does not mean bathrooms are abundant, unfortunately. However, new challenges mean new adventures!

And now to conclude this rambling post with a double-haiku from Kathryn Buggs, featuring the wonders of Death Valley:

"Valley of Death, yet
so much movement before me
land alive, speaking.

Scrub gives way to fields
rhythmically passing, I wonder
what would Steinbeck do?"

We can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store! Good night!

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